Circus cinematography

Circus Cinematography

Creating pro-quality videos is usually an expensive and complicated project but our price policy is to make this as accessible and affordable as possible, because of our ability to streamline the production management process.

Our in-house filmmaker and media content creator Gabriel Stella can collaborate with you to produce stunning footage either for professional showreels or live streams, or for your own personal use on social media. If you’re doing circus at any level, you should be proud of what you can do, so why not share it with the world? Photos are fine but film is fantastic!

Gabe has the perfect blend of skills and talents for the role – not only does he have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, he’s a circus performer too, so he understands the demands from both sides of the lens.

With his extensive work and academic experience in circus cinematography, he loves to translate into video the experience of a live performance.

We’re excited to offer you this opportunity to create professional and artistic video at affordable prices, in the most uncomplicated and accessible way. Creating quality video content is usually challenging and expensive not least because you need to hire suitable, safe premises with appropriate rigging as well as the technical and artistic crew.

Even the entry-level package includes production management from start to finish:

  • Discussing and agreeing production aims
  • Use of the space with studio/stage-like settings
  • Rigging and preparation of the space
  • Filming for one hour
  • Re-rigging and clearing the space
  • Editing to a gorgeous 30-60 second film showcasing your awesome talent

Other tiers include longer, artistically planned films, live stream shows, outdoor shoots or whatever your imagination dreams up.

These films can be used to support grant submissions, work applications, social media content, websites, and of course so that you can watch yourself in action and enjoy the heart-warming glow of pride in your achievements.

Fees vary according to your requirements. Drop us an email to give us an idea of what you’d like to capture on film.


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  • Date: January 2023


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