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    Aerial Circus Classes

    Training for complete beginners to professional performers!

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    Absolute Beginners

    Any fitness level, any age from 8-80, no experience needed. Come and try something exciting!

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    Youth Circus

    Classes for 8 years old and over!

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    Circus Parties

    Circus events for all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities!

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    All of our classes develop strength, form and flexibility, try one of our specialist circus fitness classes!

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Beginners Flying Trapeze Workshop

Saturday 26th of April. Can you can hang from your hands? We can teach you to fly! £35

Book Here

Screen Shot_2014-03-06_at_22.20.14

Beginners Teeterboard

18th May. Our new monthly workshop for beginners. Sunday 10am-1pm £35

Book Here


Doubles Trapeze Workshop

Saturday 3rd of May. Two people one trapeze, big tricks, all welcome. £35

Book Here


Aerial Hoop Workshop

11th of May, Kate McWilliam is running a 3-hour workshop on Aerial hoop. £35

Book Here

What's happening?

This weeks news:

  • Easter Workshops 
  • G12 Studios Workshops
  • Beam Me Up Jimmy at Wicked Caberet
  • Disruptions at the Lansdowne Church
  • New Classes & Upcoming Workshops
  • New Photo Galleries

Easter Workshops

Saturday 19th April - Acrobatics Play Day! Drop in to the Briggait, 2-5pm. Try your hand at Chinese Pole, Trampoline, Straps, Acrobatics, Acrobalance and Teeterboard!   Cash only, £5 per hour.

Sunday 20th April - Easter Fly Taster Day! 2-4pm, Book through the website to guarantee a place.

Monday 21st April - Briggait Tidy Party! Help us clean up and reset equipment, with a little 'testing' to make sure everything is still working as we tidy!

Easter Intensive Cancelled - but see above!

Beam Me Up Jimmy!

Our performers took part in an intergalactic cabaret - boldly going where no cabaret has gone before!

  • 'Beam Me Up Jimmy' is part of Wild Cabaret's Kitch Cabaret on Thursday's, Chelsea and Jamie-Lee showed Glasgow what great aerial acts can look like
  • 'The Big Show' runs on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th April, show starts at 8.30pm come and see for yourself

Find out more here: Wild Caberet, 18 Candleriggs, G1 1LD

G12 Studios Workshop

Aerial Edge had 3 days with 30 of G12's performers working on developing their circus skills.

Disruptions at the Lansdowne Church

Ongoing building works at the Lansdowne Church mean that currently there are no toilets - not even as changing rooms. Please keep this in mind when travelling to/ preparing for class. We are negotiating with neighbouring cafes and restaurants and will keep you updated!

  • Upadate - we can use the Enjoy Restaurant toilets! 


Open Training Cancelled This Sunday!

There will be no Open Training Sunday 13th April, however the class will run as usual from the following Sunday, 20th April.

Rigging Workshops

Due to slow response to the proposed June 21/22 workshops on Rigging with High Performance Rigging, we are now looking into alternative dates in October. Please click on the link below to take part in the poll to show availability for the possible dates.

Click Here to Join the Poll!

Our Weekly Classes & Workshop Schedules:

Now available to download!


New Classes!


Doubles Trapeze 2 - 3501We have new classes, 2 of which we will alternate each week, plus a new hoop class:

  • Intermediate Doubles Trapeze (alternate weeks from April)
  • Mark’s Big Ass Trapeze Tricks (alternate weeks from April)
  • Beginners Hoop on Tuesdays
  • Open Training runs 10am-12pm on Sundays at the Briggait

Intermediate Doubles started 6th April and runs on alternate Sundays with Mark's Big Ass Trapeze Tricks which is for anyone wanting to learn much bigger trapeze tricks on or off lines.

Beginners Hoop will be with Kate McWilliam on a Tuesday from April 1st

Book these Aerial Classes here

Open Training is for intermediate students and above and will run Sunday's from 10am to 12pm and will be included with the rest of our Open Training sessions.

Check out the new schedule at the end of this email!


Weekend Workshops

Performance Skills

On the 27th of April, Kate McWilliam will be running this 3-hour workshop. If you want to learn how to perform, create acts suitable for professional work or take part in our annual show then this workshop will be a big help in developing your performance skills. If you also want to do the teeterboard workshop then we'll give you a discount for doing both just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Book your workshop here! 

Doubles Trapeze Workshop

stewart chinesepole

Our next doubles trapeze weekend workshop is on May 3rd so if you want to get 2 people on one bar then this is for you. we'll be running two of these a month as well as running an intermediate class on Sundays. Book your workshop here!

Hoop Workshop

Our next hoop weekend workshop is on May 11th. We also have a weekly class on Tuesdays Too! Book your hoop workshop here!

Flying Trapeze

The next available flying trapeze workshop is on April 26th, only 1 place left, we are working out how we can run more of these and should have some news shortly. Book here

New Web Galleries

This week we've been adding new galleries, with photos and videos for each art, you can check them out here:

  • Flying Trapeze

    2014 Fly Classes - 08
  • Teeterboard

    March Teeterboard - 3128
  • Doubles Trapeze

    Doubles Trapeze 2 - 3506


Our New Schedule from April 1st

class timetable1


Circus in Brazil

Mark recently spent some time in Brazil training with Circocan and living on the beach. This is his first article on the trip now his tan is starting to fade!


Getting to know ... Freya!

This month is Freya's last month with Aerial Edge as she is moving south away from the big city. A huge thanks to Freya and all she has done to make our youth classes a success and the positive impact she has had on everyone who took part in her classes. This month's "Getting to know.." article is all about Freya! Read more

New Open Training Sessions

We are pleased to offer our intermediate students and visiting artists new open training sessions! We have 3 daytime sessions, evening sessions and a Sunday morning session. Read more about this on the website


We've been going through the website with a fine toothcomb this month to improve the information on the website. We've been working on the front page and the  "About" pages so far, adding Kate and Chris as well as making some other updates. We'll be adding photos and videos to class pages, so if you have any you'd like to include they will be very welcome. If you have any suggestions then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Weekend Workshops for April & May

Upcoming weekend workshops run-down

  • Saturday 12th April: 2pm to 5pm - Beginners Flying Trapeze
  • Friday 18th - Monday 21st April: Kate’s Easter Workshop - Hoop, Chinese Pole, handstands, floor acrobatics, flexibility (3 hours each day) £150
  • Saturday 26th April: 1pm to 4pm - Beginners Flying Trapeze
  • Saturday 27th April: 10pm to 1pm - Performance Workshop - Kate
  • Sunday 18th May: 10pm to 1pm - Teeterboard
  • Sunday 11th May: 10am to 1pm - Hoop - Kate
  • Saturday 3rd Mayl: 2pm to 5pm - Doubles Trapeze - Mark G

Book your weekend workshops here!


EAAC Dates

This year's Edinburgh Aerial and Acrobatics Convention will be held on the 5th-7th of September. This is the 8th EAAC and it's sure to be a good one so get the dates in your diary!


Possible Class Disruption

Please note that there may be disruption to some of our classes held at the Landowne during March & April. This is due to building works needing to be undertaken at the church in which case classes will be moved to the Briggait. We will inform students of any changes via the Facebook page and emailing booked in students.

Harder, Better, Stronger - Faster!

Do you want to fast track your aerial training?

Then why not supplement your regular aerial class(es) with some of our classes designed to help you with all the circus fundamentals! We have weekly classes in:

  • Conditioning - This class is specifically designed to help you strengthen and balance your body for aerial. The hour long class includes floor based and trapeze work and is just £5!
  • Flexibility - Keeping a balance between strength and flexibility is tough and, in aerial, having good lines makes all the difference! Stay supple or improve your flexibility with this class from only £10 a 90 minute class when you buy a Flexibility pack.
  • Handstands - A good handstand can open doors! Improve your stability, balance and body awareness. There's many variations, but a handstand is no trick - it's the key to total body control.  Join our handstand class from only £7 with our Handstand pack.
  • Acrobatics - Working on handstands, rolls, cartwheels... get all the basics in this all round 90 miniute class while improving your body awareness, coordination, strength and flexibility! From just £8 per class when you buy an Acrobatics pack.